Named after the 1950s United States working-class youth subculture known as greasers, the musical, Grease, is set in 1959 at fictional Rydell High School and follows ten working-class teenagers as they navigate the complexities of peer pressure, politics, personal core values, and love.  This album features hits familiar to fans of both the movie and stage versions of the musical with our bonus track additions “Hopelessly Devoted to You” and “You’re The One That I Want”.

There are 26 tracks on this album: Tracks 1-13 contain the background tracks and guide vocals; tracks 14-26 contain the background tracks alone.  This album is a re-recording in the original show key and show tempo.

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About Our Album Format

All our albums include professionally recorded guide vocals.  Each song appears on the album twice: once with music and vocals, and once with accompaniment tracks alone.  This allows the performer to learn a song by singing along with the vocals and music, then to practice their technique accompanied only by the background tracks

Our karaoke albums are recorded in the CD+G format.  When played on a karaoke machine, lyrics will appear on-screen.  In a conventional CD player no graphics will appear onscreen, but a booklet of the lyrics is enclosed in the CD jewel case.

Cast Members

Danny Zuko - Andrew Arrow
Sandy Dumbrowski - Sarah Farnam
Betty Rizzo - Ann-Marie Ferdenzi
Marty - Samantha Meckes
Kenickie/Roger - Rob Langeder
Doody - Jason Wynn
Johnny Casino/Teen Angel - Michael Mendiola
Jan/Cha Cha- Dara Seitzman